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The Miracle Of Life


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I was brought up/ in this revolting world
to respect myself and others.
Lose myself otherwise I find myself cutting up-
human flesh.
Myself is good
myself is great
then why do I hate it so much?

My wonderful life/ I feel so nice/ because I don't care/
because there it nothing.
Beyond your mind/ you will never see/ because I ripped it out/
and shoved it up your ass!

You let me die/ it cripples me in my wound/
I do not discuss/ because it takes over my mind.

The miracle of life/ takes its part/ and makes a new life/
so that it can take over mine


Lies that all I've been through, disguise myself.
Why do I have to be part of this side show,
but it doesn't matter anymore...
for nothing was a meaning...
for nothing was a....meaning...
my wonderful life

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