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Yeah..Uh huh..AK'Sent in the building
Ladies and gentlemen
You are now witnessing
History in the making

Let's make this rock a little here
Hot a little yea
Girl i'm tryna do somethin
Little more than fiddling
Like that like that
Uhh..like this like that
Yea..i can make you go (ohh)
Just make sure the door close
Click clak okay
Sit back okay
Kiss that this way
Like this like that yea
Ma its been known
That i been clowned
To make them hot
And bed rocks like flinstones

So if you ready for me
You can get on your knees
Let's get it crackin
You and me fulfillin fantasies
I'm the one for you
And your the one for me
I'mma a pull an all nighter
You the one i gotta please so...

Let's make this bedrock
(Up and down and down)
Let's make this bedrock
(Round and round)
Let's make this bedrock
Let's make this bedrock
(From side to side)
Let's make this bedrock
Let's make this bedrock
(we gon get it on tonight)
Let's make this bedrock
(Bump and bump)
Let the headboard jump
Cuz we rock

I need a girl in the bed
A lady in the street
That'll know what to do when her baby wanna freak
But mama tell me what to do
When its just me and you
Nobody else i get you in the mood
But that dont mean
That the bed gon' rock
And still you know
That the kid won't stop
When ya drop it and swing it out
Ya look to good
I wanna take ya wrist
Rock it and bling it out
Be nice when we out
And good when we home
On the bed at night
Watchin movies alone
And I know what you thinkin bout
You really wanna rock
And you know what i'm thinkin bout
I really wanna stop but i won't


We can start with the kissing
Then we go hugging
Lettin loose busting through
Giving you loving
See i could dip it low
Yea you got the flow
I puts it down everytime
Don't act like you dont know
'Cause it's about that time
You can take control
And it's my duty boy to let you know your on a roll
Turn the camera on
Blast up your favorite song
Tonights the night
Hold on tight
We going in the zone

So if you ready for me
I got that energy
Tryna rock all night
I got the remedy
I got the tendancies
To neva stop so
Front and back its hot
Make my bed rock

until fade

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